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Time to start rolling through Tomb, 1 Mythic Boss down, 8 more to go! Read up on Harjitan and Demonic Inquisition!
Grats on Augur, read up on Elisande!
Tichondrius will die this week, nice repeat kill on Spellblade - plan for more repeat kills after Tich is dead then on to the last 3!
Still recruiting - hunters mages and 1 healer - everyone be on the lookout for quality players of any class!
Check out new post out and Strategy text channels in discord!
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Please enjoy this lovely placeholder.  It was such a clean kill that we forgot to even stay to take a screenshot. 

Will add one next kill, hopefully!

Great job to everyone in on the kill!  No deaths!

Nice Job on Goroth, well placed effort on everyone's part.

Star Augur Down!

Gorgrath a posted May 25, 17

Gorgrath a Its like where's waldo, can you find Jabini's dead body?